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Well, looks like the X 2021 will be commercialized soon. Apple is also
renewing its free 90-day trial with the 10.4.9 update - all customers will be able
to try out the new version of Final Cut Pro X for 90 days, even those who
have already taken advantage of the previous free trial introduced in March.
In this situation, it will keep trying to expand even when the space is not wide enough.

Other improvements for videographers include F-Log View Assist (based on BT.709), back-up recording and
the ability to fix the movie crop so that the framing
stays the same even if you switch between different resolutions.
Final Cut Pro X is also getting more flexible proxy options for even smaller project sizes:
it now supports creating proxies at 50, 25, and 12.5 percent resolutions and supports both ProRes and
H.264 formats. The new version of Final Cut Pro X is available now as a free update for existing owners on the Mac App Store.
Apple has announced a new major update to Final Cut Pro X that adds several new improvements
to proxy workflows, making the software far more suited to remote and
collaborative editing for videos.

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