Based on augmented reality technology AR Almanac is the portal where you can create, manage, preview, grade and comment any historical or future, public or private content. 
By using mobile applications for smartphones user can manage own augmented reality sites anywhere in the Earth. All users are able to enjoy preview (for example important historical events on the site where they happened) and socialize around augmented reality sites.


Portal is opened to users in a way that allows them to create their own augmented reality sites, add images, audio and textual content that will be available to them, their friends or all other users. So this system comprising mobile application and open database gives almost unlimited and unpredictable possibilities encouraging users to explore new applications. For example, in architecture to show future projects live on the real world locations, to display various cultural events, exhibitions of paintings, sculptures and video animations on places where they could not otherwise be presented or create AR sites for personal or marketing purposes.


Innovative AR application for mobile devices enables the user to experience location sites in a new and different way. Using a GPS system and database it displays images, audio and textual content about the specific location, on the site. The innovative method overlays images onto the camera view bringing historical events, or other moments recorded on the photography or video, back to life.